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A Little Pre Race Freak Out

March 23, 2012 Leave a comment


With less than 48 hours until my very first long distance race, my mind is busy trying to organize all the last little details. What I am going to have for breakfast? What I am going to wear? What jacket am I going to bring, and… do I wear it or not? Can I really fit 4 Gu’s in one pocket? How do I water proof my phone & iPod shuffle? – and, is it reeaally  going to rain!?

I feel like I have the decision making capability of a 2 year old.

On top of it all I woke up this morning feeling a cold coming on….. and….. on top of that I can go ahead and kiss my pretty manicured toes goodbye.  Well two of them anyways.  Let’s just say you wont find me at a nail salon getting a pedicure anytime soon. This picture has been my phone background for the last month, and there’s a whole new truth to it now! Perhaps it’s time for new shoes (yay!).  But that will have to wait.

Even though my mind is in full on plan freak out mode, I am trying not to get stressed, because more than anything I am really excited. I feel confident in my training and I want to have fun.  And I am certain I will!

I am even looking forward to the expo tomorrow to go pick up my packet & bib… and maybe even a hat if this rain is really going to happen. (booooo).

Going into my first long distance race, my only focus is to finish and to have fun doing it.  I am pretty sure it is going to take me around 2 1/2 hours, which I am A-OK with. 🙂  I know I need to focus on each mile as I run it, and at mile 3 not let myself get overwhelmed over that fact that I still have freaking 10 more miles to go. oy.

Whatever. bring it rain. bring it cold. and bring it stupid toes.  I am going to complete my run, and I hope more than anything that I look back at this post in 6 months to a year and laugh at myself for being so silly asbout a measly 13.1 miles.


Christmas for Runners

December 27, 2011 2 comments


I am very excited about all the fun (and some necessary) items I got this year for Christmas.  It’s almost been exactly 1 year since I decided I was going to start running. (Jan 5th is my Runniversary)!!!  I had run before, but not like I do now.  I didn’t run with purpose.  I had shoes that weren’t right for my feet (which led to a battle with shin splints), and clothes that weren’t for sweating in. (ew).

Thanks to my running coach, I found shoes that provided support for my arch that I need SO badly, and corrected my form.  (I had no idea that I had no idea how to run)!  I can say that correcting my form, and running in the right shoes has made a WORLD of difference.  My shin splints went away, and I no longer have to stop running because I can’t catch my breath.

It’s becoming a whole different ball game now.  I can tell you I am very motivated and am willing to be dedicated to running.  But heading out the door knowing I have 7+ miles ahead of me has forced me to change the way I think about running.  I am not running “just because.”  If I were running 7 miles “just because” I would quit pretty fast.  I am running 7 miles so I can run 8, so I can run 10 and pretty soon 13.1.  There is a purpose to all this hard work.  That being the San Francisco Half Marathon on July 29, 2012.  I have chosen the first half, which requires a faster pace than the second, because I want to run over the Golden Gate Bridge.  I know pushing myself that much more will be worth the experience.

On March 18, 2011 I ran my first 5k event.  The fellowship felt amazing and it’s sparked a fire in me.  I wanted to do it again! and again and again.  I had so much fun participating in 5ks around the Bay area in 2011!  I have really consistently enjoyed being a part of something.  And have dedicated hours and miles to getting better and stronger.  I have signed up for my very first 10k event for January 28 2012.  A year ago I had no idea I’d ever participate in a 5k, and today I KNOW I can complete a 10k and more.  What a great feeling!

Like I said, I am so grateful for my family for the gifts.  And the foam roller from my brother in law.  I knew this was something I needed, and am so happy to have it….and thankful for the multitude of running books from my husband for that extra motivation and my running journal which I am already loving!  Makes me even more excited to get out the door!

I am feeling confident that 2012 is going to be amazing.  I am ready!

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