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Coyote Hills 10k

I wrapped up my 4th week of training with my very first 10k event.  It was in Fremont and we got the nicest weather I’ve seen in January!  The first thing I noticed were the hills, and I was wondering how many of these I’d be running up in the next hour…

I really got up at 6:30am to do this??

I watched the Half Marathoners start, and was thinking about how that’ll be me in Oakland in March. Exciting! I was a little nervous as they counted down our start even though I knew it was only 6.3 miles, and that ain’t no thang.

The run itself was so pretty.  It started out running through marshes across wooden bridges, (and I did envision falling in).  After that the view of the bay kept me company.

This is all I had for a good 4 miles to keep me from thinking about the hills.

Get out of my way, people! 😉

The volunteers placed signs at the top of one of the longer hills near our turn-around point and they were great!  I passed a couple good ones I wish I could have taken pictures of (but there’s no turning back)!

hehe.  I also saw one that said “Staying up all night making this sign was hard, too,”  And, “Don’t stop now, people are watching!”

That awkward moment when you ask a stranger eating a piece of cake if they’ll take your picture.  😉

It was a great first 10k and I look forward to doing more. I was even happy with my time which was ended up being 1:11, with the hills and all.  My next scheduled race is the Oakland Half Marathon!

Each individual race is but a small section of my journey to becoming a long distance runner.  And being able to trust in my training to get me there feels amazing.

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