Spring into Summer

May 6, 2012 1 comment

It seems I kicked off my spring right, with completing my very first Half Marathon in Oakland. After a few weeks of downtime, with no upcoming race, I’ve had time to think about how I want to spring into summer. I’ve got a few EXCITING upcoming events:

June 3rd 4th Annual Hook & Ladder 10k at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA. This is a great run because it is at a beautiful vineyard in Livermore (and it supports firefighters). I did the 5k last year (I think it was only my 3rd 5k I had ever ran). This would be my first repeat race which makes it exciting because I have come so.so.far. since last year.

July 29th San Francisco Half Marathon, San Francisco, CA. It’s almost here! It’s almost here! I have been looking forward to this since last July when I ran the 5k at it. That was also the time I decided I was going to run a half marathon. I think running over the Golden Gate bridge is going to be an amazing experience that will stay with me for a very long time.

August 18th 25h Annual Tri For Fun Sprint Triathlon, Pleasanton, CA. It’s hard to describe how I feel about this event. It’s been on my radar for over a year, when I hoped I’d someday be able to do something like this. This sprint tri consists of a 400 yard swim, an 11 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run. I’m anxious to start training and know I will be able to complete it. The event is also going to consist of 60% beginners, which I find comforting! This is a great way to push myself into a broader scope of fitness. Oh and a major bonus is that it’s on my birthday!!!! At 27 I became a half marathoner. This year, when I turn 28, I am going to become a triathlete.

I’m going to be busy training for the San Francisco Half Marathon and the sprint tri at the same time (since they’re 3 weeks apart). But I will be ready to kick some ass when the time comes.

Time to put together some training plans!


Oakland Half Marathon

March 28, 2012 4 comments

The day before my race I thought a part of the experience I was hoping for at Oakland was going to be, to some degree, ruined due to the rain. It was pouring at the Expo and it had me a bit worried.  Regardless, I was running rain or shine and wanted to make the best of it.  While at the expo, I got to meet a bunch of fellow Oakland runners at the” tweetup.”  It was great meeting all of them and to share in the excitement together.  Below is one of the group pictures.


I went to bed pretty early Saturday night and didn’t sleep well.  I don’t think it was because I was nervous, more-so that I hated the pillow situation in the hotel room. ha!  I woke up fairly early (but not as early as if we had driven to Oakland from Lathrop the morning of, thank goodness)!!  Jesse ran to get us coffee and came back up to the room all excited that it was partly sunny and NOT RAINING.  It’s a miracle! ha.  I didn’t hardly believe him when he told me I wouldn’t need my jacket.

The pre-race excitement was awesome.  I felt great and ready to go.  I think there was around 4,000 people running the half marathon.  You can see how many hats are in this picture -people expecting the rain.  The start was one of my favorite parts of the whole thing!  There was music, people were dancing, and we all got to run through confetti which made me feel a bit like a super star.  And I was ready to kick some ass. 😉


All through my training I incorporated scheduled walking breaks at every mile during my long runs.  Pretty much the only way I am able to have enough energy to go 10+ miles.  I planned to do the same on race day, with the exception of not walking until mile 3, because I didn’t want to be the slow person who walked first. haha!  But I got to mile 3 and I was feeling great; not tired.  I realized that even though I had my headphones in, I hadn’t even yet turned on my music.  There was so much to listen to and eventually tucked away my headphones.  The conversations around me, and the cheering crowds were way more motivating.

Since I was feeling good at mile 3, I kept running.  I got to mile 6 and texted Jesse.  I told him I was doing good and was almost half done -and hadn’t yet walked!  I was surprising myself and somewhere around mile 7 I remember telling myself, “I am going to run this whole freaking thing!”  Except I definitely didn’t say “freaking.”  😉


I was in the best frame of mind I could possibly be in.  I felt strong and confident.  My legs started getting tired around mile 11, but the rest of me still felt great.  The last half mile was the toughest.  It was the only time I felt like I was really pushing myself to put one foot infront of the other.  Luckily Jesse found me and seeing him & Max gave me that little extra boost I needed….. to go up the hill right before the finish.  What a place to put a hill!!! 😉  My poor quads.


My only goal was to finish and have fun, and I did.  I loved this event.  It was the perfect first half marathon.  My “ideal” time to finish by was missed by only 5 seconds, BUT I couldn’t be more happy with myself for running the entire 13.1 miles.  I didn’t even know I could do that!

On to the next run!

A Little Pre Race Freak Out

March 23, 2012 Leave a comment


With less than 48 hours until my very first long distance race, my mind is busy trying to organize all the last little details. What I am going to have for breakfast? What I am going to wear? What jacket am I going to bring, and… do I wear it or not? Can I really fit 4 Gu’s in one pocket? How do I water proof my phone & iPod shuffle? – and, is it reeaally  going to rain!?

I feel like I have the decision making capability of a 2 year old.

On top of it all I woke up this morning feeling a cold coming on….. and….. on top of that I can go ahead and kiss my pretty manicured toes goodbye.  Well two of them anyways.  Let’s just say you wont find me at a nail salon getting a pedicure anytime soon. This picture has been my phone background for the last month, and there’s a whole new truth to it now! Perhaps it’s time for new shoes (yay!).  But that will have to wait.

Even though my mind is in full on plan freak out mode, I am trying not to get stressed, because more than anything I am really excited. I feel confident in my training and I want to have fun.  And I am certain I will!

I am even looking forward to the expo tomorrow to go pick up my packet & bib… and maybe even a hat if this rain is really going to happen. (booooo).

Going into my first long distance race, my only focus is to finish and to have fun doing it.  I am pretty sure it is going to take me around 2 1/2 hours, which I am A-OK with. 🙂  I know I need to focus on each mile as I run it, and at mile 3 not let myself get overwhelmed over that fact that I still have freaking 10 more miles to go. oy.

Whatever. bring it rain. bring it cold. and bring it stupid toes.  I am going to complete my run, and I hope more than anything that I look back at this post in 6 months to a year and laugh at myself for being so silly asbout a measly 13.1 miles.

Focusing on a Fierce February

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment


Feeling inspired, I sat down this morning (who am I kidding, I was already sitting down, with slippers on, drinking coffee and watching cartoons with the kiddo) and decided I need to get something more out of this next month.

I did well in January.  I reached 10 miles in my training, and ran my first 10k event.  I made my trainer happy by dropping body fat and inches, and well, I just plain worked hard and I followed my training.  But February is one month closer to my Half marathon.  It’s crunch time now!  I NEED to require more of myself.  Harder workouts.  Smarter workouts.  Better nutrition.  I want to do everything I can to do and feel great.

No excuses.  And just plain don’t suck.

I want to feel fierce after this month!  I want to lower my body fat by 2%, and lose another 2 inches off my waist.  And I want to really improve my core strength.  I came up with 3 goals this month that are VERY attainable. They’re simple.  All I have to do is do the following, consistently, and I will get there.

1. No pizza in February!  It is my favorite food on this earth, but it is getting in my way.  So it has to go.

2. Have a salad every day.

3. Increase my reps and weight in my strength training workouts.  In addition my bench sit ups will increase to 4 sets of 12, as well as my upside down crunches.  These are my favorite things to do at the gym, so it shouldn’t be too hard to follow.

Keepin’ it simple.  I have my miles all planned out for Feb.  I am integrating speed work on Tuesdays, and am on track to hit 13 miles by Feb 18th.  These few extra goals should compliment my running plan nicely.  I feel confident in my training and look forward to where I will be in just a mere 4 weeks!

Coyote Hills 10k

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment

I wrapped up my 4th week of training with my very first 10k event.  It was in Fremont and we got the nicest weather I’ve seen in January!  The first thing I noticed were the hills, and I was wondering how many of these I’d be running up in the next hour…

I really got up at 6:30am to do this??

I watched the Half Marathoners start, and was thinking about how that’ll be me in Oakland in March. Exciting! I was a little nervous as they counted down our start even though I knew it was only 6.3 miles, and that ain’t no thang.

The run itself was so pretty.  It started out running through marshes across wooden bridges, (and I did envision falling in).  After that the view of the bay kept me company.

This is all I had for a good 4 miles to keep me from thinking about the hills.

Get out of my way, people! 😉

The volunteers placed signs at the top of one of the longer hills near our turn-around point and they were great!  I passed a couple good ones I wish I could have taken pictures of (but there’s no turning back)!

hehe.  I also saw one that said “Staying up all night making this sign was hard, too,”  And, “Don’t stop now, people are watching!”

That awkward moment when you ask a stranger eating a piece of cake if they’ll take your picture.  😉

It was a great first 10k and I look forward to doing more. I was even happy with my time which was ended up being 1:11, with the hills and all.  My next scheduled race is the Oakland Half Marathon!

Each individual race is but a small section of my journey to becoming a long distance runner.  And being able to trust in my training to get me there feels amazing.

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Progress Report: Week 3: A Milestone!

January 21, 2012 2 comments

Today wraps up 3 weeks of half marathon training.  The first two weeks were pretty tough (in a good way) and I am definitely starting to feel a lot stronger!  Today was a big milestone in my training.  I am up to 10 miles!  My first double digit run!

It was rainy and windy but I did it.  I am so close to my half marathon distance and it is starting to feel really exciting.  The one thing I required of myself before registering for my half, was to reach the 10 mile mark.  So as a special reward I now get to officially register for the Oakland Running Festival!  It makes it a lot more real.  And I know I can do it.

I have my first ever 10k to look forward to next Saturday in Fremont!  I feel like there are so many exciting things to look forward to and work hard towards.  This next week I am going to be writing out my February training schedule, and hoping that either the weather stays nice, or the gym clears out a little.

After a long run… I foam roll.

And then I drink!

Cheers to reaching 10 miles!

Progress Report: Week 2

January 15, 2012 1 comment


I’ve successfully completed my second week of half marathon training! So far I have to say it is a whole lot of work! But it’s also a unique experience. With each week comes a new accomplishment which propels me into the next week’s schedule with newly found confidence. Week two was 18 total miles, ending with a 9 mile long run on Saturday. 9 miles! That’s my new accomplishment as it is the longest distance I have ran. Ever.

This weeks long run was tough. I was struggling and felt slow. I knew I was going to finish the 9 miles, even if my legs fell off and I had to crawl! Around mile 4 or so I checked my gps and realized that I was somehow running faster than last week! Honestly I thought my gps was lying to me. I took a GU around mile 5 and felt relieved I was over half way done.

On my last mile I started getting excited that I was going to finish my longest run yet! I looked at my gps with about a half mile left and was again, totally surprised at the pace. I didn’t understand why I felt so slow when I was doing so much better than last week. I had shaved about 2 minutes off of every mile! I started feeling really proud of myself and got pretty emotional. I’m guessing this was my first “runners high.” I must have looked like a crazy person that last half mile. I passed a walker that I recognized from last weekend, and seriously considered high five’ing him. haha! I refrained but kind of wished I had! He smiled at me and instead of just smiling back I started laughing. Out loud. Like I said, I must have looked crazy. Then I started getting all choked up and thought I was going to cry. I was completely emotional because I was so happy that I’d done so well and reached my goal for the week. Running is emotional and weird, and I love it!

Now I’m going into next week’s training feeling strong and confident, which is great since it’s going to be a pretty big milestone. I am going to reach the 10 mile mark!! That is a big deal to me. It’s exciting and challenging and I can’t wait to have a double digit run under my belt!